User Manual

The application is delivered though a website, and is therefore available through a web browser at any of the following addresses: creativega.me, canyourecycle.me, and precycle.me. A constant internet connection is required to play. The game loads on the website’s landing page, displaying a number of labeled bins and a game info section containing a ‘New Game’ button, which starts the round. A default round time of three minutes is applied, and can be altered from the settings page, accessible through the top navigation tab.

Beginning a new game starts the timer, and loads an item of waste to be sorted into an appropriate bin. The item includes a description, which could provide hints as to the correct bin to select. A selection can be made by clicking or tapping on the bin, depending on the device being used. The game is accessible through a variety of platforms, including laptop, phone, smart TV, tablet and game console - provided the device supports javascript. Correct and incorrect bin selections trigger an appropriate sound to be played, alerting the user to the result and providing a more engaging experience.

Points are maintained based on in/correct bin selections and the amount of items sorted per minute. Upon selecting an item, a reason is provided as to why the selection as either correct or incorrect. The game may be paused and resumed to read the provided reasoning, allowing for the educational features to be obtained without effecting the entertainment aspect. A global item search page is also provided to enhance educational aspects, allowing the user to search for a particular item or category of recycling, and receive useful and relevant information. Once the game timer expires, game statistics are provided, including amount of items sorted per minute, accuracy, and round points.


Items taking a while or not loading?
Ensure a reliable internet connection is established, as this is a requirement to load new item information and images.

Points not updating?
Points are stored locally and in real time, and do not require cookies, sessions or an Internet connection to maintain. Issues may arise from initial loading errors, which can be resolved by refreshing the page.

Game Time Not Working?
The round time setting is stored as a PHP session, whose uniquely identifiable reference is stored locally by the browser as a cookie. Ensure cookies are not being disabled or blocked to resolve issues with the round time.

Higher amount of correct items but a lower score?
Points are calculated as a multiplication of correct items/min and accuracy, so although the amount of correct items may be higher than pervious rounds, the score may appear lower if lesser accuracy is achieved.

Developed By Chris Miceli for a Creative Computing Module Assignment
On the BSc (Hons) Applied Computing Course
Accredited by The University of Bath
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